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Talent Philosophy

  The core competition between enterprises ends at the competition of talents. In order to remain invincible in the ever changing market economy, the enterprise must have a group of high-quality talents covering different levels, different ages and different specialties.
  In the future 5 to 10 years, the company will need a large group of young, knowledgeable and specialized talents.
  Thanks to its training system, occupational career planning program and corresponding excitation mechanisms, a group of technicians with genuine ability and learning will be given the intermediate or senior titles of technical post and will do technical work with greater responsibility and challenge at different levels of the company as engineers or senior engineers in different specialties.
  In order to ensure the persistent and high-efficiency operation of the company’s organizational and managerial body, 1,000 employees with varied managerial expertise, high quality, and diligence and honesty are needed to take the management posts. The company will help these high-quality employees to achieve intermediate or senior titles of technical post through post training, multi-channel training, excitation mechanism, as well as their own hard work and practice. Their life and social value will be realized through the sound operation of its organizational body.
  The corresponding qualification is necessary for an employee to develop in the building operation and mine construction trade that has a higher threshold. The company will encourage employees to take part in the state qualification test through the training and excitation means. The company will need 800 employees with the special qualification and will carry out excitation policy for the needed specialty.
  Mixed type talents with good morality, overall situation awareness, management expertise, communication skills and professional skills will rise step by step along with the stages laid down by the company and finally become leaders of all levels.

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