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Technical Research Institute

  The research center of the company has the great scientific and technological research strength of more than 100 professional research and development engineers, among whom there are 5 experts enjoying the special allowance from the State Council, 2 senior members of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, and more than 20 senior engineers. The company has formed its core technology integrating machinery, electronics and computer and equipped with independent research and development capability. The persons in charge of the projects in the institute not only are responsible for the design, development, modification and improvement of new products, but also have abundant theoretical knowledge, practical experience and high professional level in the fields of project planning, system analysis, program design, testing experiment and key technical problem tackling. The institute is in close technical cooperation with experts at both home and abroad to develop new products. Simultaneously, the institute introduces foreign technologies so as to keep pace with the world concerning the core technology of large volume parenteral production equipment. The company has already developed a world leading Chinese Generation 5 glass bottle large volume parenteral production line, a Generation 3 plastic bottle large volume parenteral production line and a Generation 2 soft bag large volume parenteral production line. One of the obvious competitive advantages is its innovative design philosophy of “High Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Low-cost Operation”. With full enthusiasm, top design and top management, all design personnel in the institute are dedicated to serving customers with high-performance and high-quality products. The company is building an independent Chinese national brand in the world pharmaceutical machinery industry.

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