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  • Product name: CM3/5 Three/Five-Layer Co-extrusion Non-PVC Film Production Line
  • Product Number: e01
  • Added time: 2016-06-14
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Main application:

This production line is used to produce three/five-layer non-PVC infusion film for clean and soft packaging. It consists of central computer control system, automatic weighing and material-feeding system, extruding system, co-extrusion mold, film cooling system, film bubble control systems, rotary traction system, correction system, electric corona, slitting, rewinding machines, and rack.


Main Technical Parameters:

- Film width: 650-1000mm

- Product thickness:0.20mm

- Thickness deviation:8%

- Three/Five-layer co-extrusion structure:A/B/C(D/E)

- Max. winding diameter:Φ600mm

- Speed:2-25m/min

- Raw material:PP and PP copolymers

- Max. Production:130kg/h

- Overall Dimension(L×W×H):10000×5000×7600mm

- Power: 180kW

- Weight:10-15t

- Cooling water consumption:3000L/h ( recycling use for cooling water)

- Total water consumption:5-6 ton/day

- Compressed air consumption:1000L/min




1. This production line can produce three or five-layer co-extrusion non-PVC infusion film.

2. It adopts high torque motor to drive machine. The barrel has insulation design, which is energy saving and efficient.

3. The control system adopts B & RIPC, which is easy to operate.

4. The process parameters can be automatically remembered and stored.

5. It has clocking heating function.

6. The width of film can be easily adjusted, simply needing to replace sizing water ring.

7. The thickness of film can be automatically controlled.

8. Receiving and winding rolls are automatically controlled.

9. The equipment adopts stainless steel, meeting the requirements of GMP.

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