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  • Product name: BXKF 5/25 cleaning , drying,filling and capping production line for oralliquid botties
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  • Added time: 2016-06-14
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The vertical unit includes the CLQ80 Ultrasonic washing machine, ASM900/60 Sterilizing Drier and DGZ16/12 Filling & Capping Machine three single machines, divided into cleaning ,drying and sterilizing, filling and capping thredd working areas. The units can be linear use,can also be used alone .The machine is mainly made of stainess steel 304, special parts are stainess steel 316L.exterior is made of import stainess steel sanding plate and the surface is polished ,bright and soft ,elegant appearance. meet the GMP standard.

Main technical parameters of the line:

 1. Max capcity:400bottle/min

2.Applicable size:5-25 ml oral liquid bottle .bottle dia:16-28 mm  ,Max bottle height:70mm

3.Bottle cleaning clearing qualified rate:>99.5%

4.Bottle cleaning broken rate:less than 0.2%

5.Sterilizing temperature:300-350℃

6.Air clean grate of laminar flow:100 class

7.Sealing qualified rate: no less than 99%

8.Filling quantity error:meet the requirements of chinese pharmacopoeia of 2010 edition.

9.Power capacity:85kw

10.Outer dimension:10100mm *2500mm* 2500mm

11.Total weight:7000kg

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