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  • Product name: BXCF 1/5 cleaning , drying,filling and capping production line for cartridge
  • Product Number: d03
  • Added time: 2016-06-14
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The system is made up of CLQ vertical cleaner, RSM sterilizing drier and KGS filling and capping machine. It performs the functions of ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, steaming, siliconizing, sterilizing drying, rubber stopper insertion, bead insertion, initial filling, filling and drawn off by suction, pulls a cap, closing. It is an automatic production line for cartridge of medicinal liquid.



These machines have many features such as: water spraying, ultrasonic washing, alternating water and compressed air flushing, laminar flow hot air drying and sterilizing, filling, gas flushing, sealing etc.

It adopts photoelectric technology, PLC and color touch LCD screen for the control system. With high degree automation, fewer operator needed to use this machine.

This machine is highly flexible, with few parts needed to be replaced.

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