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  • Product name: SPY15/12 plastic bottle IV solution production line
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  • Added time: 2016-06-14
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Technical Parameter:



capacity 12000 bottles/ hour
Specification 50-500ml Plastic bottles or irregular plastic bottles
quantity of washing 12
quintity of filling 15
quantity of sealing 24
main filling medium liquor such as large capacity
filling error ±1.5%
liquor temperature and pressure 55°c
CIP/SIP 125°c-30min
 gas cinsumption pressure0.6-0.8mpa 120m3/h 
 cooling water 250l/hour 
 noise max.75db 
 powder 28kw 
 overall size 5700*2100*2200mm 


Function Features:

1.Bottle entering :adopts blocked orbicular conveyer belt, it's conjugated by import hold-in range and special slide rail , so can ensure the stationarity of bottle entering.

2.Main transmission system adopts import straight double guide slide rail that can exempt maintenance ,whereby the accuracy of positioning is high ,it reaches high speed ,smooth and reliable.

3.Cramping bottle:the bottle neck is cramped is cramped and located by the manipuator ,which is simple and for easy operating . The same manipulator cramp bottle to finish all procedure as washing ,filling and sealing ,etc.

4.Tracking:bottle washing and filling adopt servomotor for continous tracking , it has exact location ,quick speed and  good centering.

5.Washing bottle:perfect washing system . according to the process remand can set multi washing processing ,as ion wind washing ,purified water washing ,injection water washing ,gas washing, etc.  Use the cleaner to tracking spraying and put it insert to bottle inner, to ensure the quality of cleaning and speed of production.

6.Filling:Constant pressure filling technical provides with international famous filling valve, its filling precision is high ,no bottle no fulling , can rushing nitrogen ,can realize CIP/SIP.

7.Taking Cap:Tacking caps through continuous spin and synchronous tracking , and set apparatus for getting rid of caps.

8.Heating and Sealing: Continuous spin tracking , double layer heat pane ,cap is centering with shaft. Use TPM alternating current control technique to realize intelligent temperature control, and the use temperature to control mechanical pressure .When the pressure is arrived it can be welding . It has uniform bound surface sealing, high cap welding qualification rate. And this machine is set a function--no bottle no cap sending.


vantage of production:


the special vantage for this production line is :

1. There are import servo tracking washing ,import servo tracking fiiling and tracking sealing ,it has hi

gh precision and efficiencyo.

2.There are import straight slide rails that can exempt maintenance ,it runs on an even  keel and its reliabiltity is very good.

3.Use ion wind to divide the static eletricity ,it has high bottle washing qualification rate.

4.The filling procedure can realize cip/sip

5. Adopt import diapharagm contorl valve to fill. the quantity of filling is exact, can realize no bottle no filling.

6. Washing cap with ion wind ,assume the function of no bottle no cap sending.

7.Double import heat pane make the heating bottle and cap center with shaft, it has high cap welding qualification rate.

8.high speed ,large capacity and little area covered.

9.high qutomatization stage ,convenient maintenance ,easy operation.

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