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  • Product name: BFS-6 Plastic bottle blowing-filling-sealing machine
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  • Added time: 2016-06-14
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 BFS type plastic bottle blowing-filling-sealing machineis an aseptic packing machine, it complete the whole procedure from bottle blowing to filling until sealing under the aseptic space. This machine mainly used for bottles and bags of different medical products, such as infusion, flush solution, disinfectant, respiratory system products, lens care products, etc. the volume can be ranged from 50ml to 1000ml; also this machine can be used for the small volume package from 0.2ml to 50ml, such as the eye, ear and nose drops, oral drinking medicine, ointment, inhalation, drops etc. Also sometimes used for the packing of food, beverage, flavor, etc.


BFS plastic bottle blowing-filling-sealing machine completes process of molding, filling and sealing at a time, which has converted some traditional multistep production methods, reducing production time and possibility to be polluted. The production line includes process as follows:


1.Vacuum feeding system sends plastic particles into hopper and then into extruder. The particles are extruded and heated; the body will be tubular through parison under pressure. The parison clip clamps parison bottom and seal it. Both plastic melting and extruding are approved crafts of aseptic extrusion and heat removing. The temperature can reach 170~230℃,the pressure can reach 350bar.


2.Master mold will close and seal parison bottom once parison reaches a suitable length, and the parison will be cut off by cutter. The parison bottom is compactly closed and fixed by master mold, meanwhile sterile air stays in the parison. The parison top is fixed by a set of pinchers, and then the mold will be rapidly transferred to blowing and filling stations. Sterile pressure air(hygienic standard level 100) in the sterile air spray cover will protect blow molding and filling station.


 3.Lower the blowing/filling head, make it go into parison and seal with plastic mold. Then blow the filtered clean compressed air into parison(or parison external vacuum), which will expand the parison and cling to the plastic mold wall to form a bottle.


4.Later extract the compressed air from the bottle and infuse a certain amount of product through filling tube. After finish filling, the filling tube will return to initial position. CIP & SIP will be applied to liquid pipe before filling to ensure sterile safety for liquid. Filling by time-pressure measurement system to enjoy high accuracy. 


 5.For the moment, plastic between mold top and fixed pincher still remains semi-molten. Each sealing mold closes to form the top of container and seal the bottle. After sealing, the mold will open and the bottle will be sent out from equipment.


Main technical specifications:

1.  Scope of application: Apply to polyethylene/PE or polypropylene/PP packing 50 ml-1000 ml of large capacity injection in the pharmaceuticals industry

2.  Mold cavity number: 6

3.  Production capacity: 1500bottles/hour

4.  Capacitance: 80Kw  380V  50Hz

5.  Gas source: 8bar   300l/min

6.  Cooling water: 2.5bar  1.5m3/h

7.  Clean steam: 2.5bar  30kg/h

8.  Dimension: 3515x1750x2835

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