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  • Product name: XGF Washing , Filling and sealing IV-solution production line for plastic bottle
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  • Added time: 2016-06-14
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Main Application

This unit is made up of three parts, that is ionic air washing or ionic air & water washing, constant pressure filling and hot melting sealing. It can automatically finish the processes of bottle-upping, bottle-entering, bottle reversion by manipulator, ion wind reversely blowing and washing, bottle-conveying, fixed quantity filling, cap-collating, capping, simultaneously heating of cap and bottleneck, air eliminating, hot melting sealing, bottle coming-out, etc. It is applicable to the washing, filling and sealing production for soft or hard PP Plastic bottle IV-solution.


Main Technique Parameters

Production Ability: 6000~20000bottles/hour

Specification: 50~500ml circular or heteromorphic plastic bottle

Bottle Washing: ionic air blowing

Quantity of Washing: 20~60 Quantity of Filling: 18~48 Quantity of Sealing: 20~60

MainFilling Medium: Liquor such as large capacity

Filling Error:±1.5%

Liquor Temperature and Pressure: 40~55°C  0.6~2kg/cm²

CIP/SIP: 125——30min

Gas-Consumption(dust-proof air): pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa 180(120)m³/h

Cooling Water: 250L/h, 15~20°C

Noise: max.75dB

Electric Capacity: 18~35KW


Function Feature

1.With the integration of washing, filling and sealing, it has compact structure and small overall size. It is mounted simply, operated easily with high automation.

2.Applicable to any circular and flat IV-solution bottle with different forms.

3.Adopt ion wind washing, exempt water washing and realize no bottle no blowing. The ionic air gun has the functions of monitoring failure and non-discharging, warning and halting the main engine when there is on ionic air.

4.Adopt PLC programmable controller with strong function, perfect property and full-out intelligence.

5.Adopt unique CIP/SIP systems which can save the time of washing and guaranteeing the effect of sterilizing. The time, pressure and temperature can be adjusted in the touch screen according to the needs of products.

6.Every parameter can be queried, altered and monitored in the touch screen. Moreover, all parameters such as temperature can be pre-set maximum and minimum volume to avoid human caused errors.

7.All kinds of plastic bottles can walk fluently in this unit without changing any specifications module. It is particularly applicable to the production of soft bottles.

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