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  • Product name: BPY50/500 Glass Bottle IV- solution Production Line
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  • Added time: 2016-06-14
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Main Application :

This production line is suitable for 50ml , 100ml , 250ml and 500ml glass bottle IV-solution producing . The whole line is made up of washing , filling and jamming machines , it can finish automatically the procedure such as bottle-collating , rough or fine washing for inside and outside of bottle , filling , plug-pressuring , cap-collating , cap-jamming and cap – rolling , etc. This production line is suitable other liquid medicine for washing , filling and sealing producing also , as :syrup , ding etc .

Function feature:

◆ Adopts the international advanced washing machine construction in 21st century , to conjugate washing , filling and jamming for a general procedure ( it has already got a patent).The length of this line is half short to the domestic’s , then make the cost for land building , air condition purifying , investing and operating to reduce a half . It’s the regeneration product after GMP.

◆ Washing bottle by ultrasonic wave , and the purification interval can be separated perfectly , so it conforms to the GMP require .

◆ Water for washing can be reduced to a lower rank for reclaimed using , in order to decline the consumption of water .

◆ Adopts the principle of time and constant current to fill , and the filling quantity controls by computer . There is exact dosing , it can truly realize no bottle no filling , and avoid the lack of funnel-type filler completely. ◆ It can realize CIP/SIP very conveniently.

◆ Demand washing , demand filling , and demand sealing avoids cross pollution in long distance transportation after bottle washing , from washing position to filler then to capper .

◆ High automation stage can decrease 2~3 operator. .

◆ It has strong commonality , so change the specification very conveniently.


Main Technique Parameters :

◆ Unique CIP and SIP system

◆ Produce Ability: 100~600 bottles/min

◆ Water Consumption : Common Water : 200ml/bottle Purified water : 800ml/bottle Distilled Water : 100ml/bottle(pressure : 0.2 Mpa)

◆ Capacity:18~27 Kw 380V 50Hz

◆ Overall Size : L15000*W3600*H1800(primary:211070*3600*2000)

◆ Weight:7000~11000Kg

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