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Brand New Breakthrough

Date:2013-11-5 17:37

With the approaching end of 2013. The new aseptic pharmaceutical production enterprises GMP certification last period, the country's pharmaceutical companies infusion equipment modification is also nearing completion, which will undoubtedly give the production of large infusion equipment pharmaceutical machinery enterprises has brought a lot of pressure . Meeting a drug machine, this other profession that China's most professional, most dedicated infusion equipment R & D and marketing enterprises are foreseen several years ago will come to this situation, assess the situation, while continuing to maintain a large infusion of absolute advantage, actively develop new products. After years of efforts, has now developed a SPY50 / 500 series of plastic bottle full production line, BXKZ2 / 20 series vials production line, BXKF5 / 25 series of oral liquid production lines, widely favored by the market of the product.

Meeting an oral drug machine production line through digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology, based on the research of a new generation of oral bottle injection linked production units. The unit advanced design, reasonable structure, high degree of automation, stable and reliable operation, high production efficiency, mechatronics, contemporary international level of similar models. Compared with other domestic products, but also has the following unique features:

1, using the inverted state water alternating gas injection pressure washing washing and ultrasonic cleaning technology combines with good cleaning effect.

2, the filter means cleaning machine by ultrafiltration, filtered through the terminal and access to clean water and sterile compressed air cleaning, washing will help improve clarity.

3, using high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment, power adjustable, wide size range, large-sized high-power, small size with low power, full power to ensure that the use of ultrasonic cleaning effect.

4, into the bottle and dial radial transfer auger, walk fully upright bottle, transfer more reliable and unbreakable bottles.

5, the use of unilateral fixed all stainless steel bottle clip manipulator, more accurate positioning, the fixture does not wear, not aging.

6, cancel the lifting device, dial directly into the bottle, simple structure, lower failure rate and more stable operation.

7, sterilization drying machine vacuum sealing principle of the high efficiency filter vacuum seal, the filter is easy to install, make sure one hundred purification conditions.

8, box open window cleaning, easy cleaning and maintenance of the oven.

9, the oven comes belt cleaning device to keep belt running in a clean state.

10, filling the mill structure using rotary disc continuously into and out of the bottle, swing tracking filling, equipment running smoothly, high efficiency.

11, the use of flexible rolling capping mechanism, sealing quality, can be applied to different manufacturers of packaging materials.

12, the unit versatility, wide application, convenient and quick size change.

In view of the above advantages, the second half of 2012, Guangxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Heilongjiang after nearly six months of investigation, carefully comparing several domestic production line of oral liquid drug companies after the machine, decided to choose a sink. This causes the machine at the time the drug industry no small stir, but from the later delivery device, through a simple debugging, equipment operation and stability, high pass rate, speed and other characteristics, once again proving Gui medicine is a wise choice . By actual production in pharmaceutical, oral liquid production line in a sink to get the trust of users, but also gradually enter the market, we have reason to believe that in the next competition, the Department of the brand will still be a market in shining Celebrity.

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