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Industrial Park was listed as the provincial key projects

Date:2013-11-5 17:38

By the Hunan Provincial People's Government, a Department of Hunan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. to invest in new industrial park project in Hunan Province in 2013 was included in the key construction projects. Construction of the project is to promote Hunan "four modernizations two types of" building and Hunan rapid and sound economic development will play a positive role.

Provincial SASAC, the provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Commission by letter, the provincial Department of Finance and provincial key Office attaches great importance to the company several times to conduct research projects, requiring departments to go all out to support it. High-tech Development Zone, Changsha and Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone is also very optimistic about the project, under the present condition of the land is very scarce, priority to protect the land for the project. The company on July 22 and September 15, respectively, and two parks successfully signed a contract to purchase 200 acres.

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