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Chih-Hsiung Wu Division I listen to opinions of the masses

Date:2013-11-5 17:39

July 30 morning, the provincial SASAC director Chih-Hsiung Wu led support group to help promote the service to my company, "listen to the views of the masses of workers, deepening the support services to help promote" special activities.

On behalf of the masses of workers and business executives held a forum, Director Wu straight to the point: "The mass line educational practice to carry out activities, mainly to listen to the team and members of the provincial SASAC, the provincial authorities and to comments and questions SASAC cadres , please go straight and opinions. "Huasheng Group, the Department of a drug machine two companies team members, representatives of the masses of workers and middle-level cadres from the front line of the team co-owned Assets Supervision and around 30 people enthusiastically, SOE reform and development, staff the masses are most concerned about a series of production and living hot and difficult issues offer advice and suggestions put forward opinions and suggestions more than 40. Discussion, Director Wu took notes, listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of the masses of enterprise employees, and interact with the enthusiasm of the masses of workers. After listening to the opinions and suggestions of the masses of workers, he said to carefully sort out, careful research, strengthen the analysis, to strengthen the rectification, timely feedback to ensure that do serve as business services. At the same time, he Huasheng and sinks a development made a fervent hope, I hope you confidence, according to "a primary two auxiliary" strategy has been developed to accelerate the pace of implementation, to achieve "stability, good, fast" development.

After the forum, Wu restricted the oxygen sinks deep into a drug machine production workshop, production and living conditions inspected front-line workers, and seek to strengthen the organ again, "four winds" style construction of the comments and suggestions to learn more about the operation of production, especially of raw materials supply situation, market development, labor and employment and other aspects of the new plant site land acquisition, commitment to enhance coordination, promote the construction of new plants.

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