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Low-cost large-scale non-PVC film soft bag infusion production program

Writer:罗国强Date:2011-4-8 17:39

Low-cost large-scale non-PVC film soft bag infusion production program

  Non-PVC film soft bag infusion and the production process is simple, easy to control. Use no secondary pollution, the film has good compatibility with the drug, safe, long shelf life and light weight, trafficking, ease of use. It has been widely recognized by the market. According to statistics, in 2009, production has 16.6 million bags, accounting for 20.73%. 2010, basically forming a glass bottle, plastic bottle, pouch proportion of 4: 3: 3 pattern, but because of the presence of plastic bottles infusion production process is complex, difficult to control quality, high energy consumption, use of the process there is no secondary pollution and other defects will become a transitional product type, 2007, the NDRC issued guidance submissions from the industry, has two step plastic bottles infusion production included in the restricted category. So in the near future, China's large infusion market will be completely synchronized with the international advanced countries and regions. Gradually formed the pattern of market 70% to 80% of the soft bag plus 20% to 30% of glass bottles. This gives soft bag large infusion of development has brought great opportunities. Meanwhile, with the implementation of the new rural cooperative and urban basic medical insurance system, basic infusion dosage may be doubled. But there will be some restrictions on drug prices. Thus for infusion pharmaceutical companies bring opportunities as well as challenges. Here's how to do low-cost large-scale soft bag infusion equipment from the technical point of view I put forward some suggestions and programs.

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