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Bank letter Pharmaceutical and sinks a "leading edge adjourned."

Date:2013-11-5 17:38

A machine with the Guangdong Department of medicine world believe medicine is an old friend of many years of cooperation with each other to establish a good relationship of mutual trust and benefit. Spring 2013 Qingdao drug opportunities, the Bank sinks a letter Pharmaceutical and medicine machine again joined forces to cooperate large infusion glass bottle production line, the two sides to promote deeper cooperation and development.

Shi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong letter Jiedong Green Zone Industrial Park, it is a modern pharmaceutical companies. Bank letter Pharmaceutical has a large capacity injection, small volume injections, tablets, capsules, granules, etc. automated production plant. Plant facilities, quality testing equipment have reached advanced domestic level.

This year's spring exhibition in Qingdao medicine machine, Guangdong Bank letter Pharmaceutical and sinks again a drug machine cooperation, signed 200 bottles / min infusion bottle production line contract, making further strategic cooperation between the two sides, which is both the second Cooperation. In a drug exchange machine in the early years, the Bank letter Pharmaceutical and ordered our water injection ampoule production line, opened the prelude to bilateral cooperation. This time, the two sides together again, and continued good business relationship. By letter Pharmaceutical Agnes World bank general manager as saying, "The Department of the comprehensive strength of a strong medicine machine, leading technology innovation, large infusion production line market share and trustworthy. We also believe that the strength of the device can sink a pass new GMP certification. "

Customer trust and affirmation of a drug exchange machine is in creating high-quality products, good service and other aspects of effective and efficient is an invisible encouragement, we will certainly make every effort to make better products and provide better services .

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