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Brief Introduction

  Hunan FE Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise of Hunan Province, a member of China Association of Pharmaceutical Equipment, also a member of Pharmaceutical Equipment of Standardization Administration of China, we are a leading enterprise of China pharmaceutical machinery. Our registered capital is 20 million RMB, net assets 80 million RMB. We are located at the most dynamic national Changsha economic development zone of central part of China. We have more than 300 employees. Our modern standard workshop has 15000 square meters. We have more than 100 sets world’s first class USA HAAS.etc processing center and processing equipment. Our annual output value is over hundred million RMB. The “central south-FE modern Pharmaceutical machinery research center” we founded with the domestic first class college Central South University is the only most powerful research center founded with institute in China pharmaceutical industry. We obtained more than 60 domestic invention patent and practical new type patent. The domestic newest glass bottle IV-solution production line and NON-PVC soft bag solution production line developed by us are national best-selling. In the last three years, the high speed glass bottle IV-solution production line has a market value of more than 90%. The NON-PVC soft bag solution has a market value of more than 60%. We already released ampoule, Vials and cartridge production line with high starting, which will bring China’s small injection production equipment technology to a new stage. We are now working step by step and getting close to the goal of “the world’s most prominent pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer”. We are also going to achieve our company’s long-term planning; becoming a high-tech public group enterprise with output over one billion, of which crossing medicine, pharmaceutical equipment and the field of medical engineering materials.

1. Elite advantage
  We are under the lead of senior engineer Luo Guoqiang who is the expert that enjoying the special allowance of State Council, a senior member of Chinese Mechanical of Engineering Society, a special researcher of China Management Science Research. We have a group of experienced scientific experts and various operation technicians. We founded the “central south-FE modern Pharmaceutical machinery research center” with the domestic famous college --Central South University. We have more than 300 employees. Among which we have 7 senior engineers, 8 professors, 12 vice-professors, 26 engineers, 68 senior technicians. More than 60% people have a college degree. First class elites, experienced design and manufacturing experience laid a strong foundation for the development of the enterprise.
2. Technology advantages
  The technology research and development ability of FE PHARMATECH is absolute leading in domestic market in large infusion production serials, also at the advanced level in international market. We already obtained more than 60 technology patents. We are the first company that successfully developed the first 2 in 1 high speed NON-PVC soft bag IV solution production line all over the world. Our equipment has high efficiency and stability compared with the same equipment domestic and internationals. What’s more, the production cost of equipment reduced almost one million RMB. We are the first successfully developed the high speed glass bottle solution production line(450/pcs) in international, which has double speed compared with similar products in both domestic and international market; the production cost of each bottle reduced 0.03RMB. We already have pretty strong technology research ability in vials, oral liquids, ampoules. We are now finished the market survey and product design. We already released those products since Nov, 2007, which becoming the new profit growth point of our company.
3. Brand advantage
  Since our establishment, we have always adhered to the way of “technical innovation”. The research of products is focused on the idea of stable, high speed, economize. We have developed a group of independent intellectual property rights and domestic leading new products. In 2006, we achieved sales of 40 million RMB. In 2007 our sales is 80 million RMB. In 2008 our sales is 120 million RMB. To the end of year 2008, our cumulative sales of soft bag solution production lines are 46 lines, which takes 60% of the market share; 68 glass bottle solution production lines, which takes 90% of the market share.
We have established business relationships with over 300 domestic large infusion pharmaceutical companies currently. Our products are sold to large pharmaceutical companies all over the country. We are also the first manufacture in China that export soft bag solution production line. Our equipments have becoming the preferred products of large infusion pharmaceutical companies. We are now the number one manufacture in large infusion equipment.
4. Certification advantages
  FE Pharmatech owned the Nanning Baihui Pharmaceutical factory. Baihui has the most advanced large infusion production line in China. Baihui has a group of experts in products research, approval, and GMP certification and production management. Baihui can provide customer with sampling making, production practice, study tour and etc. Baihui can also provide all the approval documents to customer on products approval and GMP certification
5. Development Vision
  We are now working with Central south university and Hunan TV and Broadcast intermediary Co., Ltd to build “Central south—FE Pharmaceutical machinery research center. We are now planning to build the largest pharmaceutical machinery research center in China. With a high starting releasing the leading large infusion production line, ampoule production line, oral liquid production line. We are going to achieve the sales of 400Million RMB. We are also going to achieve the goal of financing list within 4 years.
First class elites, first class technology, first class management, advanced operating philosophy, sincere teamwork, vision of globalization, all of which will make FE Pharmatech extraordinary. 

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